Kim Boekbinder Concert (very late update)

Enola, Kim Boekbinder, and Me.

This post has been a several months, in the making. I should have had this posted up back in October. This post is all about how awesome a show Kim Boekbinder put together. The opening act Helen Keller’s Ukulele had a great set, I really wish I had brought an extra battery with me for my video camera to capture her performance.

Kim Boekbinder, Karena, and Helen Gillet

I had bought 4 tickets for the show, unfortunately only 3 of us could make it to the show that night. I’m a Huge Fan of Kim’s Music, and my girlfriend and my friend Karena hadn’t heard her stuff till that night. I was very happy that they became big fans of her music that night.
So, here are the videos from the concert I was able to capture. I did miss a few, I wish I’d had my camera out and read to go, but, I was just caught up in her performance. There were a few songs that I was asked not to upload, as they were new songs and they are shy. So, here are the videos I uploaded.

I hope to return back to a somewhat regular blogging schedule, I’ve actually in the middle of editing a few videos to upload to here. I hope you enjoyed the videos from this amazing show, if you did share them with your friends.

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