Show update

I had been posting about shows I’m working on in the past, mainly the puppet show. I ran into a problem with the puppet show, I asked some of my friends to help make some puppets. Of all the people I asked only one of them seemed to tried. I’m not angry, just kinda of upset. I wanted to start shooting this month for that show. The thing is now I’m learning to make these puppets myself. The puppet shows are now on pause till I can get the puppets made.

Other news, since I can’t start the puppet shows at the moment, I’ve decided to start another show about gamers and gaming. I’ve already got, the first episode in production, with the next 4 episodes planned out. The games will be a mix of old school gaming systems(NES, SNES, Gensis, etc.), Arcade games, PC games,the current gaming systems (xbox 360, PS3, Wii), and board games. I’m excited again, after being bummed out about the puppet show not starting on time, this should be a fun show. I’ll post when it’ll be up for everyone to view.

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