Sharing Music: Kim Boekbinder is The Impossible Girl

Where do I start with Kim Boekbinder. I first met Kim in New Orleans in 2009, as part of the band Vermillion Lies (Kim and her sister Zoe Boekbinder). They stole my heart with their charm and amazing songs. Fast forward a few years and Kim has her first solo album.
This Album is Impossibly Amazing (see what I did there).
I knew this album was going to be good, when she played a few songs  live on Ustream one evening before the album was done. She sang a song that felt like it could on on forever, and it was beautiful. She came back to her seat, with tears in her eyes, saying she could keep that song going and going.

The Impossible Girl is an album I really enjoy, which is why I’m sharing this artist with those of you who read this blog. Give a listen to these song,

Here is what a few other people are saying about this album

“Discovering The Impossible Girl was thrilling…” – Rosanne Cash, musician must listen to it…” – Warren Ellis, author

“…a mistress of her craft.” – Neil Gaiman, author

“… bravely vulnerable, electrifying lightning rod of a woman.” – Coilhouse Magazine
All the Songs on here amazing, and a few really stand out and speak to me. Impossible Girl#3 has a great feel and meaning, that just speaks to you when you hear it.

Impossible Girl #3 by Kim Boekbinder from Kim Boekbinder on Vimeo.

 Open/Avocado is a great trip to hear an see

Stalker is, well, I don’t know what to say about Stalker. This one just conjures strange images in my head.

This year Kim decided to try and experiment. Her reason for the experiment was that the way touring worked was backwards. She books the venue, promotes the show, and hope enough people show up. So, she decided she was tired of that method and tried a different approach. She went to kickstarter and set up a presale for tickets for a show in New York and it worked. Within a few days the show met its goal of $1000, and at the end it was 333% funded. I bring this up for a reason, She has decided to do a tour the same way.

She has a kickstarter page setup for every show on the tour. New Orleans has the Date October 27.

I hope we have enough fan to make this show happen. I will be trying to getting the word out to more people doing what I can to promote this amazing musician.

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