Glen Beck, again!

Ok, I really hate this guy. I use to listen to him from time to time, and sometime bought into his crap. But, I forget when a few years ago, I just was like, “what the F am I listening to this crap for”. I lost all respect for this guy. Then a few weeks ago he went out and made the comment that the nearly 100 teenagers who were killed in Norway were “like the Hitler youth “. I made a quick post the day I heard that audio clip, It was simple “Glen Beck is a Whore!” I stand by that statement.

The Reason I bring up this Jackhole is because of this.

He doesn’t even know what is happening in Marvel’s Ultimate Comic Lineup, so, he has no frame of reference on what is going on, he is like a child that wanders into the middle of a movie.  If you don’t care about the topic of something, Why are you bringing it up. Oh, that’s right to say that tradition is being ruined, to bring another bout of fear mongering to the people who still listen to your show.
I’m not going to go on, but, If I’m gonna say something, I’m gonna at least try to know more than 2 facts about my topic.3

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