Equipment: Hardware Insignia 720p Camcorder

The Insignia 720p camcorder is my secondary HD camera. This is a small HD camera from the Best Buy Insignia line of electronics. The main reason I picked up this camera was price. This was another after Christmas sale item, They were marked down to $49.99, I was able to get this one Open Box and paid $44.99. I figured it was only a few dollars and I could always use a secondary cam.

Now with saying my reasons for buying it, I have found several feature I really like about this camera. One reason to I like this camera is that fact it has a built in light on the front, which helps for shooting in the dark. The second is the ability to pick up weather to say my video as .MOV or .AVI which for me is a feature all Cams should have.

Now there is one thing that puzzles me about this camera, It records at 720p so does my Kodak Zi8
but there is a difference in file format. My Zi8 with an 8gb SD card will give me an hour of storage. My Insignia 720p will give me over 4hours video on the same 8gb card. I’m not sure if that’s a con or a plus.

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