Equipment: Hardware Kodak Zi8

I was at a lost for what I should write about for today’s post, but, I looked over on my desk and saw my cameras. So, I figured I write a post about what equipment I’m using for the shows I’m working on.

First off I’ll talk about my camera. I have 3 video cameras and on point and shoot.
My main camera is a Kodak Zi8 which I found on Amazon.

This is my main camera because it has an external microphone input and being able to record in 1080p and 720p at 60fps are great features. It uses SD cards for storage. It is a great powerful little camera. I picked up mine at the start of the year, Amazon had them for $99 new. At the moment they are $99 for refurbished. Still in all, the quality picture of the video is great. It record to a .MOV file format. For the Storage, I recommend an 8gb lv10 SD card. With the 8gb card you’ll get an 1h and 20mins of recording time at 720p, 1h 2mins at 720p/60fps, and 1h 6mins at 1080p. With the supplied battery, you’ll get about an hour of life. I does come with a mini HDMI cable, to plug into a tv for quick play back.

If there is any con I can find with this camera is the .MOV file format, Some Video editing software does not like to mess with format. The Other is that with the battery life you’ll only get an hour.

This is a pretty great camera. When I was shopping around, I asked a lot of youtubers on what they for their shoots and this camera was the most used.

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