Equipment: Hardware JVC Everio

I have a JVC Everio, the first video camera I bought for myself. I picked up this camera a few years ago for either black Friday or after Christmas sale.
The specs for this camera were the reason now own this thing. It has a 30gb hard drive for storage, it also comes with a Micro SD card slot for hybrid storage. It has 4 recording modes, highest quality video gives you 7hours of record time, lowest quality will get you 37hours.
It has a 28x Optical Zoom and up to 700x digital zoom. that feature is pretty awesome, I was able to zoom in on some ducks flying over head one day, couldn’t see anything with my eyes, to being able to tell what kind of ducks they were.

It comes with a rechargeable battery and charger. This is where I always have issues with items, the battery. The battery that you get has about an hour of battery life. The charger also double as the power cable for the camera. Other than the battery life of the battery you get, this camera is pretty good for standard definition video. I did buy an after market charger and batteries to extend the life of this camera. I lost the charger that came with this camera, so, I found this wonderful kit on Amazon (I buy a lot off amazon recently). I get about 4hours of battery life for each battery, and each battery only takes an hour to reach full charge. I do have 2 extra lens and 3 filters. I also have several step up rings to go from the 30.5mm fit on the camera to the 37mm for the filters and lens.

The file format this camera uses is a .mod file format, and lots of people have a problem dealing with this format. I don’t know why that is, if people just changed .mod to .mpeg or .mpg it will work. After that change it will work for every video editor.

This is a camera I have had for several years, it isn’t the top of the line model anymore, but, with the right kit you can extend the life and usage of this camera. This isn’t my main camera anymore, for the simple reason that I’m going to be filming in HD for my main shows, but this camera works great for behind the scene filming or secondary mini-shows.

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