News on Cthulhu

Today was a pretty lazy day, but, I did manage to find a few Chromakey suits (blue and green) to use for my projects. I was also checking out a Party Supply place around town, and found a place that sell liquid latex. That right there is great cause now I can get a few item together for test films and get practice in for makeup effects.

I will most likely picking up a few of those chromakey outfits one will be used for the Cthulhu puppet costume, I’m working on. If it looks even 15% as cool as it does in my mind, I’ll be happy. This suit is pretty important for this web series. I could probably do the series without the suit, but, it would just add to the effect of everything that is happening in the series. In a few weeks I hope to have some awesome pics of the progress of the making of the suit.

I’m trying to come up with an awesome way to make the tentacles on the face move. I think the head of the costume will be the part that needs the most work. I’ve got a few ideas I’m going to test out. I want to make the costume work without the use of digital effects. I’m not against the idea of using special fx for the show, I just want to do things a bit old school on certain things. 

I will keep this blog informed as I make more progress.

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