Product review: Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

This past week, I decided that I needed a better way to clean my room in much more efficient way. Being a cat owner, (or the human that belongs to a cat) I am constantly buying these hair and lint rollers to pick up cat hair off everything. I decided to pick up a vacuum that was made to pick up pet hair. I went the local walmart to see what was there. I wasn’t happy when what I found, so, I went to and I found this little monster.

Made for picking up pet hair like a boss. I love this little vacuum. This thing is like all those petite strong willed women, there is just so much power packed into it.
I have a sofa in my room that was covered with cat hair, I was afraid friends with allergies to cat hair would die if they came over. I cleaned up my room(swept and mopped) then started to test out my vac for the first time. This vacuum did not disappoint. It picked up so much hair, I had enough to make another cat.
Several reason I went with this vacuum, the main reason being space. I don’t have much room to work with where I stay, and I tend to want to keep my stuff in my room.
Another reason was it had a cord. I haven’t been to impressed with the cordless vacuums I had a chance to mess with. The corded vacs just seem to have way more power behind them. My favorite reason, my cat thinks it’s the devil. She freaks out when ever I use, and when it isn’t running and picked up, she climbs up to it, and pokes at it.
Now, as great as I find this vac there is one con I have found with it. When it is running, the air passing from the machines exits the sides instead of the back. This might be a problem for some people. I really noticed this when I went to clean a corner and the dirt went flying away instead of being sucked in. The motor is very powerful. It took me a minuted to adjust my cleaning style, it was a bit annoying.
With that being said, I love this machine. It has made my pet ownership life easier.
If you are the owner of a pet, or know someone with a pet, this little vacuum is a must have. It is powerful and compact.

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