Getting things in order

I meant for this site to be more of a production blog with some written reviews, with video reviews on the way. I haven’t really posted but a few pics or ideas post for any of the projects I’m working on so far.

Well today, I have pics for one of the projects I’m working on. The Project is a Full Puppet suit of Cthulhu. Kinda of like the Sesame Street puppet Big bird or one of the other bigger monsters, where it is a person in a suit.

So far,Thanks to Toy Vault, I have his Feet.

and His Hands

I’m not looking to get a super menacing Cthulhu monster for this puppet, I’m looking to get probably a giant size version of one of this

Buying the pieces I need is one thing, now it is time to start really building the outfit.I need to build the head, body, wings, and legs for the costume. I’ll post more in the next few weeks as I get more made.

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