Key of Awesome!

First off Let me say sorry for the short post last night, lot of different things were going thru my mind last night. It’s a lot of crap that carried over from last week, I won’t go into details. I’ve been doing some thinking about this blog experiment, I think I’ve failed. I haven’t really posted to many blogs on here. I’ve done a post everyday, but, that isn’t the same thing as an actual blog post.

I’m going fix that starting today, I’ve got several topics lined up to blog about for the rest of the week.

Today, I’m going to write about “The Key of Awesome” on youtube.
I love most of their parody music videos. My favorites so far or the ones they have done for Lady Gaga, Adele, and anything with PitBull.
Here is their Latest video.

I can’t stop watching this video. These guys are genuinely funny and are having a fun time doing these videos. If you haven’t checked them out, watch the video above and check out a few other videos they have to offer.
They have been making parody type since for a while now. I first found out about them from a Indy Mogul test film for their Wolverine claws prop back in 2009.

Very funny songs, with a great group of talent, Todd Womack (PitBull) is hysterically funny. Lauren Francesca is great in all the videos as Lady Gaga. Mark Douglas writes the songs,and does a good job singing, but, he is best when as Frank(the puppet).
You can find their videos over at

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