Why I want to tell stories part1

I want to tell stories in any format

I guess this blog will be about me and why I’ve been drawn to tell stories. I’m going to start at the beginning

I’ve been interested in telling stories for most of my life. I grew up watching great old movies back when AMC played classic movies. Then at a young age I found comic books.  I knew who Batman, Superman, The Hulk, and Spider-man all were from either cartoons or their TV shows. I enjoyed watching their shows, but never knew about comic books.
I think I was in the second grade when I found Captain America and Spider-man comics. My school held a may fair event and some of the comics were prizes. I found a Captain America comic on the side walk, I still remember that cover, Captain America for President. I was drawn to it, Picked it up found a stop to sit and started reading,

I was pulled into this story and my mind just filled with the voices of the characters.  It was amazing.
Later that day, I traded some cheapo toys I won from one of the games to a classmate for a Spider-man comic, Scream Scorpion.

 I was hooked on reading about my superheroes after that day.  As much as I liked watching the cartoons back then, after reading the comics, they seemed a bit flat. It was like they were cookie cutter version of their comic book selves. There was a depth that these monthly stories told and it kept me buying them. It sparked an interest in to tell my own stories as a kid, writing little horribly drawn out comics. That was the start for me.

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